U.S.A. #1 in Natural Gas Production

The national trade association of the oil and natural gas industry, the American Petroleum Institute, is running a TV commercial touting America as the new “Energy Superpower” because the U.S. is now the world’s #1 producer of natural gas. The ad says that, “The new energy superpower is red, white and blue.” It gives credit for this achievement to the industry’s growing use of the controversial practice of underground hydraulic fracturing.

But the environmental group No Fracking Way says that fracking causes groundwater pollution, earthquakes, and increased methane emissions. They complain that the TV commercial is being used to deceptively justify the further expansion of fracking.

“The fossil fuel industry is also lying about the biggest reason natural gas production has increased,” said the group’s spokesperson. “The real reason is the growing number of blathering TV show hosts on the Fox News Channel.”


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