Snails Threaten Family Values

Cathi Herrod
Cathi Herrod (Wikipedia)

The Center for Arizona Policy is pushing a bill in the Arizona legislature that would outlaw snail farms in Arizona. Snail farming has a long history in Europe, where escargot is a popular item on French restaurant menus. But some innovative European snail farmers have introduced a new gourmet product called snail caviar, which is made from the eggs of snails. It’s becoming so popular that the snail farming industry is expanding across the globe.

This is a threat to family values, according to Cathi Herrod, the president of the Center for Arizona Policy, because of the manner in which snails reproduce. “Snails are hermaphrodites, they have both male and female reproductive organs,” she explained. “We can’t have these types of facilities in our communities where they might be visited by young children. They could become confused by what they see and the next thing you know they’re questioning the biblical worldview.”

Herrod’s organization, you might recall, was responsible for SB 1062, the controversial law that critics said would have legalized discrimination by allowing businesses to refuse service to gays. She also helped to get a successful referendum, called Proposition 102, on the state’s 2008 election ballot that amended the state’s constitution to legally define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

“They can build all the snail farms they want in France,” Herrod said. “They’re a bunch of godless socialists anyway. But if they start building them here, the leftists in control of the public school teachers unions could use them as an opportunity to teach children about sex and other radical ideas.”

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