Same-Sex Marriage

brahminy blind snake
The Brahminy Blind Snakes is a parthenogenetic species, all individuals are females. (Jeff Burgess)

One of the many things that aggravate me is when opponents of same-sex marriage claim that homosexuality is against the laws of nature.

This simply isn’t true. In nature there are creatures, such as fish, that can change their sex during their lifetimes. There are creatures, such as worms, that have both male and female sex organs. There are also creatures, such as plants, that can reproduce asexually by cloning.

This wide variety in reproductive methods allows organisms to adapt in order to survive. Any species that can only reproduce in one manner runs the risk of becoming extinct if its environment changes. These variations are nature’s way of giving life a better chance to succeed in the long run.

Of course, most genetic variations don’t provide an advantage and so they don’t persist and aren’t integrated into the species’ main population. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t natural.

The bottom line is that homosexual people aren’t unnatural, they’re just different than most of us. And that difference is only a minor part of who they are. They deserve to have the same rights as everybody else.

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