Ideological Extremism

adolf hitler
Adolf Hitler (Wikipedia)

The 1930s, Nazi Germany: The Race and Resettlement Main Office (RuSHA)  of the SS began to implement Heinrich Himmler’s order to protect the purity of the Aryan race by regulating marriages.  Any SS member that wanted to get married had to provide genealogical documentation that he and his fiancée didn’t have any Jewish or other undesirable ancestors before he could obtain a marriage permit.

The 1990s, USA: Right-wing members of the Republican Party began using the pejorative term RINO – an acronym for Republican In Name Only. It described a member of their own party who didn’t exhibit sufficient conservative ideological purity in their political views. Right-wing Republicans began to purge candidates they deemed RINOs by actively campaigning against them in Republican primary elections. More recently, they have also ostracized Republicans that were discovered to have listened to their consciences and voted for Democrats in general elections.

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