Twenty-one Questions I Would Ask President Trump

donald trump
Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)

In my opinion, most of the reporters from mainstream media have failed to do their jobs and ask President Donald Trump the hard questions. So, I’ve created a list of the questions I’d ask him if I had the chance. These aren’t all of them. In fact, it was difficult, as you might imagine, to get the list down to just twenty-one.

  1. Why isn’t Mexico paying for your border wall?
  2. Do you owe money to any Russians?
  3. Have you ever paid a woman to have an abortion?
  4. Why don’t you believe the scientific research about human-caused climate change?
  5. Why do you think you look more attractive with your face dyed orange?
  6. Why did the federal budget deficit greatly increase after your tax reforms?
  7. Why do you continue to refuse to release your income tax returns?
  8. Why do you lie so often?
  9. Do you even realize it anymore when you tell a lie?
  10. Why do you think anybody should believe anything you say, since you lie so often?
  11. Why doesn’t it bother you that your incendiary statements have incited right-wing extremists to threaten, injure and kill Americans?
  12. Why do you believe you are entitled to use your position as President to generate more income for your businesses?
  13. Why do you believe you should receive a Nobel Prize?
  14. Why do you put foxes in charge of hen houses with your regulatory agency appointments?
  15. Why do you believe Sean Hannity is a real TV journalist?
  16. Why do you claim to be a Christian but regularly behave toward others in a very non-Christian manner?
  17. Why did you erect a Civil War monument titled the River of Blood at your golf club along the Potomac River that says many “died at this spot” when no battle was ever fought there?
  18. Why do you engage in infantile personal feuds with critics on Twitter?
  19. Why do so many of your speeches include incoherent gibberish?
  20. Why are you so obsessed with the legacy of former President Barack Obama?
  21. Do you believe your conduct has increased respect for the office of the President?

Please feel free to suggest an important one that I may have overlooked.

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  1. Two more questions:

    1. Are you really as stupid as you appear?

    2. After this latest embarrassment (read whistle-blower complaint) you’ve got to know you will be impeached, why not resign now so our elected officials can get something productive accomplished?

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